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Interviewing at Gasket Games

We recognize that interviewing can be both overwhelming and intimidating. We created this section to help you navigate through our interview process with ease. 


Stage 1: Screening video call


 If you are short-listed for a position at Gasket Games, you will be contacted via email for a screening call. 


In this stage you will meet a member of our recruiting team who will tell you more about the role you’re interviewing for and the culture of Gasket Games. It is important that the role is clear to you.  Be sure to ask any questions you have and use this time as a two way conversation. This call is generally 20 minutes long. 


Tip: Doing a little bit of research about Gasket Games prior to this stage will help you get to know the studio.


Stage 2: Technical Phone Interview


If you’re interviewing for a technical position, you can expect to partake in a technical interview. This call will usually be conducted by a senior member of our team and will solely focus on your technical skills. 


Tip: There won't be brain teasers or riddles, just talking through how to build different parts of a hypothetical game. 


Stage 3:  Interview with Hiring Manager & Team 


At this stage you will meet your potential manager as well as some team members. A schedule of who you will be meeting with will be sent to you before your interview.  You and your interviewers will talk about the role, responsibilities and the project you will be working on. This interview is also a time to ask questions about the everyday aspects of the job. This interview is generally 2 hours long. 


Tip: Come prepared with a list of questions to make sure that you don’t leave the interview not knowing the answer to something that might be important to you. 



Stage 4: Offer/No Offer


At this stage we will either make you an offer or let you know that we will not be making an offer. We will be in touch either way. If we make you an offer, we truly hope you accept and join us at Gasket Games. 




What should I wear to the interview?   Whatever you want to wear is fine by us. No really!


When should I arrive for my interview?  You should arrive 3-5 minutes prior to an in-person interview. If it’s a video call, arrive at the call at the agreed time. 


I'm working from home and I might get interrupted during the interview by my cat/dog/kid/spouse/roommate. Is that ok? Working from home can be challenging and interruptions are a reality of working from home. Don’t sweat the interruptions, most of us are working from home as well. Let’s just agree to laugh it off if our call gets interrupted by pets/kids/spouses/construction noise, etc. 


 I saw a job posting on a different website but don't see it on your website. This means that the job posting has most likely been filled. 


Can I re-apply with updated information/resume? Yes, you are more than welcome to re-apply.

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